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Join me and make a world of difference on Giving Tuesday

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

On the 30th November, Fishing for Schools, along with thousands of other charities across the globe, will encourage friends and supporters to dig deep and support good causes close to their heart. We very much hope we can persuade you to donate or raise funds for Fishing for Schools on the day. All of us know how stretched personal resources are at the moment; but it does not need to be much; a pound (a quid!) is sufficient…honestly it is ….

(Normally people put the “ask” bit at the end….. We are not the usual charity.)

This year is special to us. Especially, as a greater number of our schools have elected to support our efforts on the day – and thereafter – with cake sales, guess the weight competitions, walks –you name it! They are doing it…. This is to specifically raise funds for Fishing for Schools and encourage young people and their nearest and dearest to get involved. This means so much to us and a vote of confidence of our initiative. It is golden.

And if they support us …why not you? Be one of our family – which you are, even if you are reading this, you are one of us and supporting angling and education.

So what ever…and I mean whatever you can spare – will make a difference to us and the future ahead.

Remember we all learn differently. Angling in people’s lives is just one way to do this.

Me? What will I be doing on Giving Tuesday? Well, trying to catch a fish from Exmoor’s Wimbleball, then running around this fabulously lovely (if “undulating” reservoir – it’s an Iron-man course, by the way…) and then trying to finish with enough time to attempt to catch another trout…..Madness; but if you want to support this insanity…PLEASE don’t let me stop you!

Whatever you do, help us to help others …..just a quid will do it!


To find out more about Giving Tuesday and how you can get involved, please visit our blog.

To donate please click here.

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