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Fishing for Schools in the Classroom

No one child learns in the same way.  Our aim is to use angling as a springboard for pupils to understand the basics of education in an exciting and individual way, whilst offering a healthy outdoor hobby that can last a lifetime.

By using fishing as a medium, it allows young people to understand the basics of geography, mathematics – weights, measures, geometry – and literacy. We open up a world of aquatic conservation and preservation and the complex world beneath our rivers, lakes and streams.


Our Fishing Sessions

Our practical fishing sessions provide an opportunity to put into practice topics and subjects learnt in the classroom whilst exploring the exciting possibilities offered by angling.  We offer a unique insight into the aquatic environment and creatures that inhabit the areas we fish. 


This is a great intervention that brings about lots of small changes without intention: connecting with the outdoors, mindfulness, eye-hand coordination, skills development”

Deputy Head, Broomhill Bank School

Our Offer
  • We work with primary and comprehensive schools, special educational needs schools and pupil referral units.  We work with specialist educational provisions, supporting young people who have been permanently excluded from mainstream schools or are at risk of exclusion.

  • We also work with inner city schools where access to the countryside is often limited for pupils.

  • All Fishing for Schools coaches are licenced coaches, with a wealth of experience to share.

  • We work across England and increasingly in Wales.

  • We provide four sessions which are free of charge to schools and the young people taking part.

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