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Since 2007, Fishing for Schools has grown from a series of short courses at a Gloucestershire school into a national initiative, with a simple philosophy – educating through fishing. Throughout that time, our aim has been unswerving; offer young people opportunity through the many skills that angling has to offer.

As we expand our delivery to support more young people, we need your help to make this happen. 

“As a school we appreciate the on-going support we receive from Fishing for Schools; it’s a big part of our school and the impact it has on our pupils is profound”

- Deputy Head, Orchard School


The young people thoroughly enjoyed the Fishing for Schools sessions. They improved their practical and social skills. They learnt how to complete written tasks for portfolio work. They demonstrated their ability to work as part of a group / team with both staff and peers.”

- SENCO, Kent school

Who we support

We work directly with schools, focusing on young people in greatest need, including:

  • Young people struggling to learn in a classroom setting.

  • Pupils with complex learning and physical disability needs.

  • Young people with Education, Health and Care plans.

  • Pupils with additional needs.

  • Pupils at risk of being excluded.

  • Young people in Local Authority care.

  • Pupils identified by schools as lacking in confidence and self-esteem.

  • Pupils who do not have access to enriching activities outside of school or access to the countryside.

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“Pupils have a range of learning, social, emotional, behaviour and mental health difficulties. Many of the pupils have ASC and or ADHD diagnosis. This may be further compounded by chaotic or challenging home lives. Increasingly levels of anxiety can cause poor attendance or pupils spending most of their time at home, unable to face the challenge of going out and cope with the demands of social interaction. The impact on mental health and well-being can be debilitating.”

- Teacher at a school for children with additional needs, Kent

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How we make a difference

  • Fishing for Schools provides a positive learning experience, strengthening teamwork, raising aspirations, engaging pupils in key curriculum subjects. 

  • Fishing is used as a hook, with sessions helping to develop a wide range of skills including communication, problem solving, discipline and resilience. 

  • Young people benefit hugely from enrichment activities outside the classroom setting, helping build confidence, raise aspirations and self-esteem.

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