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News from Kent: our work with Orchard School

As we head towards the first half term break of the year, Fishing for School coach Kevin Durman updates us on F4S sessions with the young people at Orchard School in Canterbury:


What a start to the new year it has been, a mix of lovely mild but wet weather, with lots of flooding and times, and chillier days when the lakes have been frozen solid.


Of course this doesn't stop our youngsters wanting to get out on the bank.

Trips to Cottington Lakes at Deal have been successful. With several lakes to choose from we are spoilt for choice.  Black lake has been brilliant for whip and roach fishing, whilst Windsor lake being bigger has been more suitable for feeder fishing for bream and carp. 


I have had several new recruits this term, all new to fishing, and all have had a great time catching plenty. Staff have also enjoyed our angling experience.


On a day we couldn't fish as the lakes were frozen, I spent an afternoon at Orchard  School and taught casting techniques using hoops as targets - even getting the teachers involved, with one of the more experienced pupils instructing a staff member. 


It’s been a fabulous time inspiring youngsters, and with a new school also starting sessions next term, we are all set to continue.


We are hugely grateful to the Red Hill Trust for supporting Fishing for Schools delivery at Orchard School.



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