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Trust Donations

“I have just returned from Monk Lake where I was made most welcome by Warren, Tony, the other instructors and just as important the boys and girls who were fishing. Helping these young people, often with quite difficult educational and social problems is so important and that help and encouragement shown by the instructors was a joy to witness today. The Cobtree Charity Trust are very pleased to have been able to help finance this initiative."


- The Cobtree Charity Trust 

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To discover more about Fishing for Schools and how we make a difference please contact us at

We want to hear from any Trusts that could support Fishing for Schools

Are you interested in supporting young people in a specific area or school? Or supporting alternative forms of education as a way of re-engaging young people?  

Funding partnerships with charitable trusts and foundations is crucial to enable us to expand our initiative and meet the demand from schools.  If you would like to learn more or would like to see our work in action, please contact us at

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