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"Rob and his team make us and our pupils feel so valued" A testimony from Yewstock School

"This is my fourth year of joining Fishing for Schools and I cannot thank Rob and his team enough for the patience, understanding and enthusiasm that they show when working with my pupils.

"Being part of this experience and watching how my young people have developed over the years, how they have remembered skills and understanding is quite emotional.

"My group have complex needs and for the individuals to break their routine and engage in an activity for longer than a few minutes is a challenge, but when we come fishing the group is relaxed, focused and engaged with some pupils sitting for up to two hours at a time.

"Rob and his team are amazing they are friendly, kind and so much fun. We love our fishing experiences as much as the pupils, Rob and his team make us and our pupils feel so valued." - Yewstock School, June 2023

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