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A summer with Fishing for Schools

Frantic, life enhancing, reinforcing, fraught, joyous - all these words and so many more that could be applied to a summer with Fishing for Schools in full multi-regional action.

Our actions, as they have over the last 16 years, are best left to the wonderful array of students and schools that gives the vital oxygen to strive ever onwards and harder than ever before. And because of our record keeping we can monitor and scrutinise our impact on the young people’s lives and the schools in which we work.

Here are some examples…enjoy! (We have!)

Abersychan School, Pontypool

"We had a brilliant Fishing for Schools session with Abersychan School. We all really enjoyed it and the nine pupils were are all talking about trying to get out fishing over the summer holidays. During the session we stuck to our match fishing carp tactics and we also finished off with a competition. Students from Abersychan have become really good at working together. They are all brilliant and love fishing. They seem to relax quickly into the sessions more so these days." – Lee Hooper, Fishing for Schools Coach with Abersychan School.

Three Ways School, Bath

"Our final Fishing for Schools session at Three Ways School went extremely well considering the terrible weather. It chucked it down and the students didn't moan at all until we were all very wet! During the session we carried on with our match tactics, trying to develop our students into independent anglers. The leavers also finished off their Cast Award. The students have done really well in their teams, taking turns and working together. All twelve students from Three Ways School seemed to really enjoyed it and responded well to the sessions. I've only heard positive comments from them." – Lee Hooper, Fishing for Schools Coach with Three Ways School.

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