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A focus on Fishing for Schools in Kent

by Fishing for Schools Coach Warren White

Kent has always been a popular county for fishing. Maybe because of the amount of excellent venues we have in the region and the reputation for having many of the original pioneers of angling, especially from the Carp fishing fraternity. So it is no surprise that the Fishing for Schools Programme in Kent is always well supported. We work with eight Schools in the county and also deliver fishing courses to three mental health and disability groups. Our courses are a combination of Coarse and Game Fishing, which is quite unique.

Rowhill school BTEC fisheries course, a 2 year course, the most accredited and of worth course we do

Young people learn about fishing while taking the Cast Awards, an Angling Trust skills programme that both pupils and schools like because it is a structured course, with the students achieving certificates for each level of competence. We also offer the opportunity to study an official Angling qualification such as BTEC or Aims Awards.

Rowhill School at Longfield are the model of what we are trying to achieve for the last 10 years in Kent. Their pupils have been studying for the BTEC and Aims courses, with students earning credits towards a qualification. Due to our link with Hadlow College, which has been pivotal to the success of the course, pupils have the opportunity to go on to study at Hadlow after leaving school.

Students experience making dams to stop flooding

Throughout the year we put on many events, normally with an educational edge. In September we normally have an inter–schools fishing match which is always oversubscribed. The aim of the event is to give the students experience of how a fishing competition works. We also judge the Fishing for Schools Art Competition on the day. This is always a great day and a highlight of the Fishing for Schools calendar.

We are fortunate that our link with Hadlow College has allowed us the use of their fishery, Grove Farm, which has an excellent lake for fishing and a classroom 20 metres away from the water. It cannot be underestimated how important this is. I like the saying nine tenths of education is encouragement.

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