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A Bridge not too far for Fishing for Schools

Fishing for Schools coaches, Lee Hooper and Julie Wicks were fulsome in their praise for the students of the Bridge School, Somerset, - a new school to us this year, who last month become amazed and immersed in our world of fishing: importantly, fusing aquaculture and vital elements of water habitat conservation and seeing these engaged young students not only grasp the basic elements of the eclectic topics, but see the group gain their Level 1 and 2 Cast Award before the half term break. This is an extreme accolade given that they have embraced few, if any, of the topics and activities before.

The group have learnt a wealth of skills, from the basics of fishing tackle, fish species and fish welfare, whilst honing their fishing skill and along the way developed an acute understanding of what means to be an anglers – a custodian of the waterside and force for natural good.

At Fishing for Schools, we strive to make a positive difference in young people by using the outdoors as a vast classroom in order to engage and inspire an interest in learning, whilst celebrating success through learning a new skill and activity – and we hope a passion for the outdoors and the sport which will last them a lifetime.

There are some fabulous images of the sessions, and we especially love the fishing posters.

Well done and congratulations all! Welcome to the world of Fishing for Schools and where everyone learns differently!

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