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The Director's Update: April 2024

Invariably I associate 1 April not with foolery (although many probably think so), but as St Trout’s Day, the traditional opening of an iconic season for many areas.

Normally the weather is awful, but there is, and always will be, a rejuvenating quality about April. Everything is bursting into life and you can almost feel the earths energy driving us with renewed optimism and possibility.  

Fishing for Schools is no different. That burst of life embraces new schools – and old – and a whole raft of new school sessions are about to take place across the England and Wales.  

I have even shrugged off the now usual desk and computer and have been getting out amid teaching, enjoying the specialness of educating young would-be-fishers, and the joy of both the sport and a new way of seeing their school programmes. This is the whole reason that I started Fishing for Schools in the first place; to be with and be able to deliver to and for people, not a spreadsheet!  


The Tenchfishers

I had the rare and unique pleasure of addressing over a hundred fanatical tench fishing enthusiasts at their SGM. The passion, commitment, and care for both their species and the waters that the members fished is extraordinary. Any branch of angling, in any sphere, would benefit from a fraction of this dynamism and spirit. This group have enthusiastically embraced the ethos of Fishing for Schools and we intend to plan a closer partnership into the future. One that will benefit young people from all areas of society. I am overjoyed!


The Fishing for Schools Bewl Flyathalon

OK, now I know what you are thinking... Well, yes, I am doing it again, but only 12 miles (ish)! The title may seem a little odd, but there is a pressing reason. Kent (in fact all counties) has been hard-hit by cutbacks, financial squeezes and simply the pressure of our current cost-of-living issues.

Fishing for Schools is no different. To do what need to do for young people requires us to apply to all manner of sources and this year especially, we are just one of a whole mass of other truly worthy and important charities working in an ever-increasing pressured sector. 

My view is, and always has been, that if we can’t support our own project, then why should we expect others to? So, with that in mind, on Sunday 12 May I will be catching a fish to start the 12 plus miles around Bewl Water, and then celebrating the event with a glass of bubbles. And before you ask, no, we are not talking about sparkling water! And there you are, the Fishing for Schools Flyathalon is born!  





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