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'Great Catches' Photography Competition

This competition has now closed.

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Congratulations to Mr S Cooper who has been chosen as the winner with his image below titled 'The Wonder of Fishing'.


Enter our new photography competition for a chance to win a Mark 6 camo net, handmade in the UK, from Living the Dream Fly Fishing!


Some years ago, grayling and wild trout guru Glen Pointon (and a huge Fishing for Schools supporter) set about designing a net that went way beyond the usual boundaries of an ordinary landing net. 

His brief to himself was clear; a net that would land and accommodate large grayling and trout easily (Glen catches a good many of both), be light to carry, and also enable the ease of the quarries recovery and enable photographs to be taken whilst the fish was recovering, with the minimal of actual handling. It was also important have no element that would harm or damage the delicate scales of his beloved species, hence the soft mesh net and foam sides. 

"Having now used the net for some four seasons - near continuously - I can absolutely testify that Glen has “ticked” every single “box” he set out to achieve and more." - Charles Jardine


The other thing about the net, is that they are made in very small batches and thus, have the sort of attention to detail any bespoke item might have, lovingly attached to every single one. Actually, the net is a functional joy. 


PS. The net lands sea trout, too! 

For a chance to win this fantastic prize, simply upload your photographs using the form below which sum up our theme 'Great Catches'.


You have until the 10th June 2021 to enter, and you may enter more than one image. Please ensure photographs are of high resolution between 1MB and 3MB. The winner will be announced shortly after, good luck! T&Cs apply.

The Wonder of Fishing.jpg
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