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Walking in someone else's wellies

In addition to supporting Fishing for Schools, Kent coach Warren White delivers a BTEC Fisheries course at Rowhill School, Longfield.

Here is an update from Warren on a recent trip with his BTEC students to the River Cray.

First time on the river since the close season break, I visited Hall Place, River Cray, with some pupils from Rowhill School. There is a lot of work going on in the park and river works, making it hard to get to the swims we normally fish. We decided in the end to fish the bridge swim, near the car park, with good access.

On arriving at the swim, we noticed that there had been a few road signs thrown into the water by some idiots. I went in and retrieved the first sign.

The students wanted to get involved, but we only had one pair of wellingtons, the ones I was wearing, but one of the students was determined to get in the water to remove the sign, so I ended up letting him go in, in my wellies. Terrific to see a young conservationist at work.

I am afraid this is one incident, that is common, in the close season, when there are no guardians to keep a check on the river.

Plenty of silver fish about.


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