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Virtual Fishing for Schools session with students of Aylsham school in Norfolk

In introducing this film to you all, marks yet another milestone in the Fishing for School development. A profound one.

Little did we, at Fishing for Schools, think we would need to embrace technology in this kind of way - and bring our special brand of learning into a classroom, remotely. But we have.

Importantly, we have embraced the current trends and brought the initiative interactively, and with a sense of fun, but always with that solid teaching foundation and our mantra: “everyone learns differently” .

The creation of this groundbreaking is attributable to our amazing Fishing for School's coach, Richard Winser and his wife Pip. They have both in developed and implemented this unique initiative. However, huge credit must also go to our Eastern Region “angel”, Sally Acloque and the teachers and students of Aylsham school in Norfolk.

Everyone has played their part to perfection.

As ever, it is good old Fishing for Schools team work that has lead the way.


Charles Jardine

Fishing for Schools Director

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