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Update from the North – Richard Jamieson, Fishing for Schools Coach, Yorkshire and the Peaks

As most of you will have realised by now, it’s been a rather trying time involving schools in our area with Fishing for Schools Yorkshire and Peaks while the various restrictions have been in place. Different schools have had different criteria they follow which has made booking in courses a tad tricky!

However, we’re delighted to say that Wales High School in Sheffield have now successfully completed their four F4S funded sessions, the initial two being classroom based and the follow ups at Aston Park Fishing complex in Rotherham (thank you Alex), where the youngsters enjoyed good sport learning to spot bites on light pole tackle as well as feeder and waggler tactics.

They enjoyed themselves so much that the school requested three additional paid-for sessions until the end of Summer term, with a view to making it a regular part of things in the autumn.

We have a few preliminary pictures of some of the fish caught and look forward to receiving more from the school as soon as parental approval is given!

We now have provisional dates for Ecclesfield School Sheffield for September so we’ll be gearing up for that soon. It’s good to see that after all the upheaval, the interest is still strong. We hope to see more schools in the area putting themselves forward for consideration.

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