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Top tips from the Fishing for Schools coaches: March 2024

New for 2024! Each month, we are asking our fantastic coaching team to share their wealth of experience and a top tip for the year ahead.

Thank you to Fishing for Schools Coach, Richard Winser, for sharing his top tip for March.

Look after your kit – and your kit will look after you!

When you are fishing at this time of the year, the banks are muddy and invariably both your expensive floating fly line and pristine kit ends up getting covered in mud.

After your fishing session, wipe off your line with clean water and spray some silicon polish, commonly used for cleaning car interiors, onto a duster cloth.

Strip the line from the reel and then wind it back on, pulling it through the cloth sprayed with polish.

This will rejuvenate the line, preserve its life, impede it cracking, help it float and make it easier and fluent to cast.

It is important to note that you should only do this with floating fly lines, otherwise your sinking or intermediate fly line suddenly won’t sink!

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