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The Vital Nature of Our Ambassadors

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

We have some of the best loved names in Angling to promote and guide us in all aspects of the sport. They are truly worth getting to know and reading about.

These are the storied individuals in angling who not only excel in various aspects and their chosen genre, but importantly have identified and pledged their support for the future of our sport and championing those not, perhaps, enjoying life in a way in which we would love them to.

Each newsletter I would like to bring you a little snippet of who they are, what they do and the genius of what they have achieved.

But to give you a inkling of those involved…. We have (and in no specific order!)

Zenia Dury-Gregorek, Matt Hayes, David Profumo, James Stokoe, Hywel Morgan, Ripon Kahlique, Ben Beckwith, Sam Weedon, Jonathan McGee, Dave Woods, Steve Cullen and a host more have all pledged their help and support for what we do …we will have some other “little” surprises in terms of Ambassadors to be announced shortly.

All these magnificent anglers embody the elements we hold dearest: Kindness: a willingness to share. Communicate. Importantly, to get involved.

They are not individuals whom sit behind keyboards spout platitudes about things they know scant about, but instead, truly skilful fishers who metaphorically “roll up their sleeves” and get things done. Like our coaches. Commitment to the future of our sport.

This Newsletter we have:

Sam Weedon

Sam is extraordinary. He is a one-time student of Warren White’s group in Kent and has conquered so many aspects of his young life that simply makes one humble to know him and have Sam as part of our Team . Recently he has moved on to Further Education at Hadlow College and TCAF will be assisting him through the Angling Trust Coaching schemes – Level 1 and Level 2 sports coach. We are thrilled to be able to do this.

If ever proof were needed of the good we do Sam is the embodiment of it…. And he fishes better than most us, too.

'I am Sam Weedon, I am 18 years old and I have been fishing since I was about 13 years old. I feel it is important for young people as it is really good for your mental health. I have a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism and a learning disability but I have found a passion for fishing and I find fishing very calming for me and it helps with my anxiety. I would love to help others to enjoy fishing and the benefits of it. '

Zenia Drury-Gregorek is a force of nature.

Zen – as she likes to be known – is not only one of the best lady fishers in the UK, but one of the nicest, most enthusiastic, uplifting and downright fabulous human beings you will ever meet – and she is also a mum to two fishing mad youngsters.

Her energy and devotion to angling should be bottled and brought out whenever we feel a little glum.

This is Zenia….

Our latest recruit, is not only a very dear friend, a father, a recent member of the England World Fly fishing Team (but he is oddly Scottish…. I know) Steve Cullen is, very seriously, one of the finest fly fishers we have ever produced – and so very versatile: as happy on a River as he is on Loch or Lake. Steve is also rather like Ze

n, in that he is utterly irrepressible and has the energy of fifty! …even if we don’t always understand him when he gets chatting over fishing exploits – he is, shall we say, enthusiastic.

This is Steve:


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