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The inaugural Fishing for Schools Bewl Water Flyathlon

You would have thought that after a good amount of marathons, an ultra and other utterly mad capers for Fishing for Schools, I would have learnt a lesson or two.

Apparently not!


So, I thought why not re-enact an event that I planned to attend in Colorado last year (and couldn’t make) involving running and catching fish – and in their case drinking beer – over a high altitude course in that rocky mountain state.

Well... One; I loathe beer, two; we don’t really have the mountains, although North Wales, is a possibility, and three; 71, should I be doing this nonsense?

In answer to the fundraising issue… One; substitute the beer for some glorious sparkling wine from the South East (now we are talking!), two; run a half marathon around the gloriously beautiful Bewl Water set amidst the high Weald (no mountains), but a good cross country, and three; age is no barrier! Having just seen Bruce Springsteen do a three hour, full on set in Cardiff at the age of 74 - I rest my case.


So there we are. All I have to do is to catch a trout, run a half a marathon and have a sip of fizzy grape juice - what could be easier? What could possibly go wrong?


Then I saw the weather forecast for the South East for Sunday 12 May… Wish me well and for goodness sake support us on this madcap escapade or just support Fishing for Schools, generally. We really do need you.


To make a donation, please visit the Flyathlon Just Giving page.

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