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The Director's Update: September 2023

Never in my wildest dreams did I think Fishing for Schools would be here today. That being said, where exactly is ‘here’?

16 years ago, we had one school in Tewkesbury that took a chance with the then fledgling idea of Fishing for Schools. Not only did it work but it has continued to grow, change, embrace, educate and thrill young people ever since.

So, with another (slightly damp) summer slipping into autumn, it is time to draw breath and gaze into our collective telescope to see what the future holds for us in 2024 and beyond.

We have the exciting prospect of new school applications and intake so please, if you know of a school - or indeed, are a school - that would benefit from what we have to offer, you can find more information on the application process here.

What's more, to deal with unprecedented demand, we are having to scale-up (sorry... that was a dreadful pun!) and take on new coaches. So, we are HIRING. If you are a licensed coach, in any discipline, we would love to hear from you. Even if you aren't looking to coach but feel that you would like to be part of the initiative, get in touch. We will always find ways of bringing you into our fabulous team.

There will however, be changes, that's for sure. I will have to take stock of where I am personally and start to realistically seek a succession plan. At 70, the passion for what I have created burns as hot as ever, but any organisation worthy of support from the public (you!) urges continuous achievement. Along with our ground breaking, innovative ideas for angling and young people, it demands that we keep things fresh and vibrant... That is a year or two off yet, but the planning must be put in place.

This does not mean, for one moment, that I would ever lose my enthusiasm or indeed involvement and I fully intend to assist from time to time but one must be a realist.

I am still utterly committed to and vibrantly passionate about what has been created, and am ready to embrace a very exciting future in ever-changing times. Times which, quite honestly, need Fishing for Schools more now than they ever did...

Join us, support us, be part of us and help create a future for young fishers.

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