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The Director's Update, May 2024

Every now and again it is good to revisit ones roots, to take a deep breath and remind yourself “why”. Alway School in Newport, Gwent has done that for me.


Sometimes, especially after seventeen or more years, it is easy to lose a little focus. That is the vital point at which to revaluate the what’s and why’s of a project; indeed ones (my) role.


Alway Primary did just that and made me realise why I started this thing in the first place which has consumed my life – Fishing for Schools.


It was (and still is) a burning desire to bring my sport, my passion, into the lives of young people in a meaningful and constructive way. I know that in doing so, it will give them the opportunity to have an appreciation of the natural world, education via a different route, and a connection with one another in a tranquil setting.


You can say the words, type them, eulogise about what has been created but to actually experience it again, up close, involved and part of this unravelling of a naturally wonderful playground, is very different. And I have loved every single second of it. Gosh! I have enjoyed being part of their young lives – albeit fleetingly. The energy, enthusiasm, and sheer open-eyed wonder of catching their first fish, of achieving, is life affirming.


It is precisely why I started Fishing for Schools in the first place.


Sometimes it is good to return to the point where you started.

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Tim Williams
Tim Williams
May 12

It is an outstanding achievement Charles. I am delighted at its growth and continual success.

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