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The Director's Update, March 2024

Everyone loves a bargain! That's why we at Fishing for Schools are so grateful for all your used, outmoded, upgraded, old (and not so old), fishing gear.


We have taken in anything in the past and somehow press ganged it back into service. From a bent bank stick to pristine fly line, all of it has been used in some way to help us at Fishing for Schools. Angling Wombles… perhaps; but thank you!  


This time around in the massively generous donations stakes, we are beyond grateful for the contributions made by two extraordinary fly fishers - Nick Shone and, from Bexhill, Bob Sangster.


Due to health issues, both fishers stopped fly fishing and elected to donate their equipment to Fishing for Schools. It was fabulous and as a result, we arrived at last month’s British Fly Fair International with a car full of rather lovely stuff. Thanks to their donation and many others (including a vast collection of fly dressing materials flung in disarray into a vast tub of rummaging confusion), we raised a staggering £2.4k …exceptional!  


Huge thanks also go to Steve Cooper from Cookshill Fly Tying for his kindness and going way beyond being an ambassador needs to, and Joanne Cullen who helped drive the stand and make anglers part with their cash! Speaking of thanks - a huge shout out to the lovely Tacklebox folk who have yet again shown the way and are generously funding one of our schools in the Kent region.  


Regarding Kent, a county where we have busy calendar of school sessions this year, I have decided to lace up again, this time taking on the challenge of a Flyfishathon around Bewl Water in May. All funds raised will support Fishing for Schools delivery in the region.  


Before anyone says it (including my colleagues) this is NOT a marathon! A half perhaps…and I have the OK from the boss. And of course there are fish involved...

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