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The Director's Update: February 2024

With a weather pattern that could be described as volatile, it seems ludicrous to even mention spring. I have probably hexed the whole month. But this time of year, Fishing for Schools is a burst of new activity, growth, regeneration and a bright shiny vision for our future.  

Yes, the reality of a deeply uncertain world is a continual spectre but amidst the fear that many hold – and I will remember childhood nuclear threat fears and a world gripped by a cold war – for the young these can be significant. And there was always fishing.  


Fishing; that sanctuary for the soul that we try and bring to as many young people as we possibly can. Of course, we are planning not just for the coming school year (for us) but looking at the longer term too, embracing a strategy that will take us well beyond a three-year period.


As a responsible charity we have to look at all aspects of our 'business' in order to secure growth and escalating success. You, the supporter, would expect nothing less.  


But for the moment, it is about new coaches, new school visits, new ways of doing things, greater emphasis on educational aspects of what we do and welcoming a new cohort of young people to our growing family initiative, as well as saying a resounding “welcome back” to many others.  


We are energised this year, maybe more so than at any other time in our 17 years. There is work to do, new horizons to march towards and a real spring in our step!  


Oh! And a new Ambassador!  

I happened to fish with an exceptional emerging talent the other weekend – one, Rob Redman. Many will know Rob through his exploits with sewin (sea trout) on the rivers of Mid and North Wales.  


Rob epitomises the whole essence of a true countryman. He knows the natural worlds balance, he also knows his role within this world and brings to everyone this deep understanding – not least, fly tying and fly fishing genius.



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Feb 07

Excellent news!! Well done all.

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