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The Director's Update: February 2023

Seventy… Who would have thought. Not that I feel anything like that age and this rather amazing little initiative – Fishing for Schools - keeps me young, focused, passionate, driven and determined to do more.

We have an incredibly busy year ahead with news schools and the possibility of new coaches and new directions. But most importantly, the same degree of commitment and support from you, our trustees, foundations, coaches, fund raisers, ambassadors and, of course, the young people who we strive to help. Every single person has a role.

We also have two new Ambassadors and few could embrace what we are trying to achieve than thirteen-year-old Henry Cullen and his Mother, Joanne.

At thirteen, Henry has to be one of the brightest rising stars in the fly fishing firmament. Not only can he catch fish at frightening speed and ease, but Henry does so with a gentleness and appreciation way beyond his years.

Joanne is the perfect foil. Caring, enthusiastic and absolutely committed to the sport that she also loves. As a pair they are quite simply our F4S Dynamic Duo. I have no doubt you will meet them at some point.

Join us for a Fishing for Schools Fundraising Day: Saturday 1 April, Sussex

We have a fantastic opportunity to fish and compete (light-heartedly) with a whole cluster of ambassadors and other convivial supporters of F4S at Brick Farm Lakes near Hurstmonceux in leafy Sussex on national St Trout’s Day, Sunday 1 April.

It promises to be a fabulous fun day with some cracking Stillwater trout fishing.

Further details on the event can be found here.

TCS London Marathon 2023

We have a brave group of runners to support what we do in this year’s London Marathon… and for once I am not going to be one of them! Give advise? Absolutely. Run? Not on your life...

Please visit our Marathon Hub for details on our runners and to make a donation.

Finally, I do have a rather large announcement coming... Watch this space. I am not done with madness just yet.

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