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The Director's Update: December 2023

This period is one that is tinged with happiness, and certainly tempered by sadness.

Over the coming week I will have the great pleasure of writing to 30 plus schools to say that they have been accepted on to next year’s initiative. We have some old favourites, new areas and new schools.

All this is fantastic but with the joy of the successful applications comes the sadness of declining many more that so narrowly missed our yearly intake.

The thing is, every application is made with young people at heart, so we are effectively turning down hundreds of young people who would benefit for no other reason than we simply do NOT have the resources to deliver to more schools...

But now the better news! Tesco’s have been a massive boost to our fundraising events. Whilst we might just be talking some blue tokens popped into a plastic box as you exit a store at a handful of locations, to even be recognised in this way is a massive boost to Fishing for School’s credibility as an active and dynamic initiative that works with young people and delivers in local communities.

Actions most certainly speak louder than words and it really is a case of: every bit helps!

Sorry… I couldn’t resist!

Then we have the excitement of launching Fishing for Schools in Northern Ireland; what a turning point this will prove to be. It has been a long held ambition to see the initiative really challenge geography and spread to all parts of the United Kingdom. With the growing “take-up” of school places in Wales, our launch in Northern Ireland - with the colossal help and assistance of the Ulster Anglers Association who will be assisting and partnering this adventure - just leaves the auld country as the final frontier. So boldly going… next year?

All in all, what a wonderful way to sign off the year and wish you the very happiest of holiday seasons.

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