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The Director’s Summer Update  

One always starts with superlatives; bouncy bite sized indications of success and achievement. Why not? Who actually wants to hear about gloom or reality, when the sun is shining and we read the various doom-laden headlines throughout the media.

But…. the reality of everyday life does impact our young people. It does affect their lives: their mental wellbeing IS affected. They are not, because of it, “Snowflakes”…”Playing-up” or “being awkward

Instead, they need help…That is where we come in. No: we are not a panacea. Angling is NOT a glorious silver bullet of healing proportions.

But Fishing for Schools cares, takes people to places they have seldom experienced, given them opportunities to learn differently and be happy and children again. That can’t be a bad thing.

Throughout the summer term, we, as you know, hold most our Fishing for Schools sessions; it is without doubt our busiest time of the year…and to share the joy of a new experience with these amazing young people is life affirming for all of us – the coaches and staff behind the initiative. But sometimes we underplay the significance, which even a moment in pastoral surroundings can play in youngsters’ life. A moment of respite from the constant pressure of a media-bombardment and headline grabbing diatribe can make a difference.

The gentleness of just sitting, watching a float along reed fringed margins, or the hushed expectancy as carp gloops and slurps its way toward an imitation pellet or dog biscuit; or the excitement of a rod tremor when fishing from a boat off the Kent coast …could it be a bass down there? a smooth-hound…or cod nuzzling the bait anchored in the salty depths?

For these young people (and not so young) all life for a moment is there a world, trapped, in angling.

Dream time for us: and a sanctuary for all.

Have a fabulous summer.

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