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Renowned angler and Fishing for Schools Director Charles Jardine set for last marathon

The cancellation and resultant disappointment of the iconic 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon  will have crushed the aspirations of thousands of runners: and for charities reliant on sponsored runners, income streams will be devastated. 

Normally The Countryside Alliance Foundation (TCAF) would be fielding a full cohort of runners and spurring them on with hundreds and thousands of supporters. Not this time. Just two are running the Virtual London Marathon on October  the 4th. One of the two,  will be Charles Jardine - the director and founder of Fishing 4 Schools - who at 67 and with four previous “Londons’ behind him, intends to make this one, his very last. “Age, aching bones, injury,  and the sheer grueling business of regular training leaves its toll” explains Charles.

Undaunted, however, he is going to strive again, this last time, to run the 26.4 miles, for the initiative that he both champions, cares for and drives with undiminished passion -  Fishing 4 Schools. But with a difference .... He is going to run around Europe’s largest man-made lake and the esteemed trout fishery, Rutland water. Almost to the Mile, a full Marathon.  

Charles said: “There will be no cheering masses: no expectant crush at the start line: no cheery chats along the way - just me, the lake and the miles - and the privilege of doing my very best for a charity which truly believe in - Fishing 4 Schools and Countryside for Recovery. 

He added: “I am urging every single fisher to make the difference and support me in this final challenge; Just for one last time.”

“We are living through extraordinary times, but our commitment to young people and educating through angling remains undiminished. We need - no, must - continue. Our special brand of education and angling is and will be, needed more than ever in the coming weeks months and years. I urge every fisher to help - be it a a little more...just help us to help the future of fishing and those far worse off than me.  Simple.”

This is how you can REALLY help... Supporting, by a donation through: My Justgiving page

Full details can be found here.

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