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Rain doesn't stop play

Warren White, esteemed Fishing for Schools (F4S) coach and part of the F4S dream team in Kent, updates us on our first session of the year with students at Longfield Academy.


Yesterday saw the start of the Longfield Academy sessions at Shorne Country Park. We knew from the weather forecast that we would be in for torrential rain, which wasn’t far wrong, but the priority was to keep the students dry. Thank goodness for fishing umbrellas!


Working with my two students, as they were new to angling, our main objective was to run through the basics of whip fishing, plumbing the depth, casting, handling fish etc. In order to try and get a bigger fish, we opted for a tactic called a method feeder and set up the tackle accordingly in order to try and catch carp.


The students really progressed as the day went on, catching a variety of fish including roach, rudd, and the Fishing for Schools favourite: perch.  


They couldn’t believe how many fish they caught, and after a slow start on the method feeder using Darent Valley specialist rod which has the necessary “backbone” for larger species. The lake is quite weedy, so the method feeder really comes into its own and produced as a result some spectacular carp including a bonus crucian carp.


While talking to one of my keen young students, something he said stuck in my mind.  He said I have always wanted to go fishing but because my parents don’t go fishing, I have never had the opportunity, I am glad I came along today.

In between the various fishing sessions, we discussed with the students about the importance of fish care, and naturally the safety aspects concerning anglers when fishing; this is all part of our favoured Cast Awards adopted scheme.

We would all like to give a shout to The Tackle Box, Dartford, for their continued support and contributions to Fishing for Schools and for funding our work with Longfield Academy.

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