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Our final catch with Thameview School

An update from Fishing for Schools Coach, Warren White , on a recent fishing session with Thamesview School:

Today was the last session of four on a Fishing for Schools course with a group from Thamesview School, Gravesend, who all successfully completed their Level one Cast Award.

This group have been a credit to their school, they are all keen as mustard and have all give it their all, throughout the course.

Although we all love to get on with the fishing, today the topic at the start of the session was assembling a whip and pole, and looking at the difference in the two. These students were really keen to see the workings of fishing equipment which is good to see.

On the fishing front, as the lads had gained some experience over the past three weeks we started with the feeder rods, that were really active today and caught some nice carp. We also tried the pole, whip and pellet waggler rod that all caught some lovely fish.

The idea of a level one Cast Award, is that the students would be able to put together a rod, reel or pole, play and land fish, hold and handle fish, and importantly unhook fish, lip hooking and use a disgorger.

Once you feel the students are confident in these skills and would be able to fish confidently on their own (although we always advise to go fishing with someone else ), it’s the time they have achieved Level one Cast Award.

It has been a really good course for students and the coaches, and you boys will be missed.

Thank you to the Kent Community Foundation for supporting our work with Thamesview School.

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