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Our Director’s December Update

Well, as they say, "what a year".

Against a backdrop of freezing conditions, a layer of snow for some and a frosty landscape for most, it is timely to look back at the strides that Fishing for Schools has made this year. Rather unbelievably, for such a small unit, we have scaled even higher hills and slopes than in previous years.

  • Our work has been acknowledged and recognised in the Kent County Council’s community awards.

  • We have delivered to 28 Schools (that is representative of 250 students in 13 counties!)

Those are the bare figures.

What of course you don’t see are the coaches working behind the scenes, the communities who have benefitted, and the sheer unbridled joy of a young person embracing both a sport and “new” world for the first time. All the important intangibles that make angling as a sport so absorbing and in its own tiny way, so thrilling.

That is what we do at Fishing for Schools.

OK... so we are never going to change the world but we might, with your help and support, alter the course of some young people’s lives for the considerable better. I will not need to remind you of the very real plight that so many families, single parents and guardians will be feeling at this time year and at this point in our lives. Fishing is often that brief moment's respite from all the issues circling us like vultures. In that aspect, and many others, angling is rather an amazing thing.

And that my friends, is a very good way to sign off for another year, with the very real excitement of embracing a new year and further advances into what we do.

Merry Christmas and a fabulously happy New Year.


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