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Update from the North: Wales High School, Sheffield

It was great to have pupils from Wales High School back at Aston Park Fisheries this week for their second Fishing for Schools session.

After last week's initial session, where the students were shown the tackle and how to set it up, it was great to see they had taken note and remembered what they had learnt, with each of them keenly setting up independently with very little assistance from coaches Dave and Richard.

Once set up, and after a quick visit to the onsite shop for them to order and purchase their own bait, it was back to the water to get into the action.

The group learnt lots, including fish identity and the importance of fish care and the use of unhooking mats. All the students showed great resilience and patience too by not giving up in the quiet spells, which resulted in them all catching lots of fish.

Well done to everyone involved, it was a fantastic day and great to see so many smiling faces.

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