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News from the North

Thank you to Fishing for Schools coach Ben Fox for news of our work with a Birtenshaw College, Bolton during the Summer term:

What a set of sessions we had with Birtenshaw College!

The students at Birtenshaw have a variety of needs and all had different goals for our sessions, including peer interaction and focusing on an activity.

We delivered two school-based lessons. The first session focused on the countryside code, identifying fish, safety and fish anatomy. The second was practical casting activities, aiming a piece of wool and a split shot on the end of a pole into an open bait box or seat box. The students did amazingly in both sessions, despite the hot weather we had!

Bradshaw Fisheries was the setting for our fishing sessions. A well-stocked fishery, the students enjoyed catching a range of fish including chub, ide, perch, roach and rudd. Each student had a chance to use the poles, net the fish, and have a break in the shade on both of the sessions. They worked in teams of twos and three’s promoting peer teaching and peer interaction. 

I was so proud of the progress they made and how well they did each week. They all wanted to come back for more! 

Without Fishing for Schools, the students would have been unlikely to be able to access fishing and it provided them with a fantastic opportunity to get out into nature and experience new things, while also learning about how to care for and respect the environment. 

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