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Mental Health Awareness Month

We at Fishing for Schools and Castaway are acutely aware of the inner turmoil and desperation that can often be hidden by a mask smiles and the assumption of coping.

In the fourteen years of Fishing for Schools and latterly, Castaway, we have rejoiced in the way angling - in its many forms - has enriched people’s lives and made differences that are often unseen, but profound.

Immersing in the world of water, countryside and reflection can often be the salve that is needed to enable us to cope with the mounting pressures of every day life. A life, now more impacted by financial and social concerns and worry than ever before, can, for even the briefest of time in space, be put aside and healed by fishing.

As they say …there is more to fishing than catching.

Become absorbed….try it.

(wise words from our very own Charles Jardine)

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