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Marina Gibson chats to Charles Jardine about Fishing for Schools

Fly fishing fans were delighted to watch two stars of the angling world meet up live on our Facebook page to discuss Fishing for Schools.

Charles Jardine, Director of Fishing for Schools met with Orvis Ambassador, Marina Gibson to explain how the project has impacted young people. No one child learns in the same way, and Fishing for Schools uses angling as a springboard for pupils to understand the basics of education in an exciting and individual way. So far, we have enabled over 3,000 children from 110 schools to benefit from fishing and learning outdoors.

Marina Gibson is a truly passionate angler who was lucky enough to spend much of her childhood chasing salmon, trout and sea trout. Marina also became a valued ambassador of Fishing For Schools in 2018, and has helped us to promote our program and support more young people through fishing.

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