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Meet the Virgin Money London Marathon team running in aid of Fishing for Schools

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

This year, four brave supporters have signed up to run the Virgin Money London Marathon 2021 in aid of The Countryside Alliance Foundation project, Fishing for Schools.

Fishing for Schools is one of the few projects which goes into schools and helps disadvantaged children develop their confidence, education and skills through fishing. The programme was founded by world renowned fly fisherman Charles Jardine, who saw the potential for angling to educate and enrich learning. Now in its fourteenth year, Fishing for Schools has reached over 3,000 young people across England and Wales.

With only a few months to go till the big day on Sunday 3rd October, the team are in full flow with their training for the 26.2 mile run. Our runners have their JustGiving pages ready and any donations would be hugely appreciated.

Please dig deep and show your support by sponsoring them:

Nick Lythgoe - Sponsor Nick

Age: 54

Occupation: Group Audio Technical Manager

Hobbies: Shooting, Beating, Gun Dog Training, Football, Running.

Marathon Time Aim: 3 hrs 40 mins

Is this your first marathon? Not my first marathon

What makes you laugh the most? My children usually

Who is your hero? My Dad

What would be your last supper? Garlic Chilli Chicken Plain Rice

Why do you want to fundraise for Fishing for Schools? I want to raise money for fishing for schools as I used to work at a school and I am now a school governor at the school I used to work at. I see on a daily basis kids that could benefit from a change of pace and environment and fishing for schools does just that. I am hoping to not only raise money for the project but also to host a fishing for schools session at our school.

Katie Weeks - Sponsor Katie

Age: 34

Occupation: Senior Ski Travel Consultant

Hobbies: Shooting, Fishing (well..... mostly watching my dad from the banks!) Riding, Triathlon - anything that takes me outside

London marathon time aim: Sub 4 hours

Is this your first marathon? No - I did do a trail Marathon in Salisbury a couple of years ago....that hurt!

What makes you laugh the most? My partner (Luke) and his absolutely ridiculous personality!

Who is your hero? Lucy Charles-Barclay (Professional Triathlete) - an absolute warrior who I am slightly obsessed with.

What would be your last supper? Tuna, Pasta and Mayo with lots of Garlic bread smothered in grated cheese!

Why do you want to fundraise for Fishing for Schools? Fishing is probably one of the most holistic sports out there. It needs a lot more attention due to it's ability to entice anyone from any background, any situation and any walk of life. Everyone can do it and once adopted it can be a skill for a lifetime. You can't be too young ((or too old)) to start and what better way to it whilst appreciating the natural environment you are surrounded in when casting that line! Fishing for Schools gives access to this incredible sport to those who don't necessarily have the luxury of having it easy to hand that some many of us sometimes take for granted.

Tayla Harding - Sponsor Tayla

Name: Tayla Harding

Age: 22

Occupation: Rural Surveyor

Hobbies: Messing around with the animals on the farm, hunting and running!

London marathon time aim: Under 5 hours but I don't want to jinx myself!

Is this your first marathon?: Yes, but it definitely will not be my last!

What makes you laugh the most?: Videos of dogs or animals in general

Who is your hero?: My Mum - she has been through so much, overcoming breast cancer at a young age, and she just attacks everyday with such happiness and enthusiasm.

What would be your last supper?: BBQ ribs, smokey beans and a pint of local cider!

Why do you want to fundraise for Fishing for Schools? I'm passionate about rural England as it surrounds my personal and work life, and by being able to help young people have the opportunity to experience what the countryside has to offer, who would otherwise not have that chance, is brilliant!

Oliver Tillard - Sponsor Oliver

Age: 34

Occupation: Currently an analyst but soon to be a Press Officer at the MOD (Aug 21)

Hobbies: Climbing, conservation and cooking

London marathon time aim: 3:30

Is this your first marathon? this will be marathon no.8

What makes you laugh the most? the idea that I might break 3hrs30min, and also regaling the good times with friends.

Who is your hero? Winston Churchill & Ranulph Fiennes

What would be your last supper? Burger & Chips or anything with truffle on it.

Why do you want to fundraise for Fishing for Schools? As a keen fly fisherman I can attest to the great ability of fishing to simply make life better. it is a wonderful thing to get as many people as possible involved, especially the young. The charity does a superb job.

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