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“It is an absolute treat to work with Fishing for Schools and one that everyone enjoys come rain or shine!”

Our work with Three Ways School in Bath is a highlight of the Fishing for Schools calendar.

Here, Pippa Harding at Three Ways explains the impact of our sessions on the young people taking part:


Three Ways is a generic special school in Bath who started working with Fishing for Schools 12 years ago. We have worked closely with the Director, Charles Jardine, and a variety of coaches from the Southwest area. Our young people have fished a variety of waters and taken part in activities led by the Fishing for Schools coaches.

During those 12 years, we have taken part in workshops both in school and out, as well as fishing competitions, and exploring lake, river and pond fishing. We have invited our coaches to award ceremonies, had a young person visit Westminster for an award and taken part in fundraisers for Fishing for Schools. The relationships with the coaches has developed over the years and has been integral to the success of the programme each year.

Fishing for Schools works with students from Three Ways with moderate and severe learning difficulties, who are in Key Stage 4, as part of our careers skills building curriculum. Sessions are focussed around the CAST awards, so students receive a qualification to add to their Record of Achievement.

Our skills builder curriculum develops work related learning skills; vital for our young people to practice for their future development.  Skills like listening, teamwork, problem solving and aiming high all complement the CAST awards and allow the young people to develop a new skill that is transferable into adult life as a hobby.

Some of our young people have continued to fish and crafted a hobby that allows them to relax and take part in an activity with family or friends.  Most of our young people cite fishing as an activity they enjoy, because it ‘helps them feel calm and relaxed’.

Fishing for Schools has had a positive impact at Three Ways because it has introduced a new sport to our Key Stage 4 students, exposing them to a new way to spend their leisure time as well as fostering an interest in nature. It has been key for some of our young people who suffer with mental health or engagement issues.

The coaches are experts at passing on their skills and passion to the students and making everyone feel at home, even those who are sceptical. The excitement of the young people when they land a fish or touch a maggot for the first time is rewarding and the teamwork and healthy competition the sessions instil in the young people is of huge benefit to their personal development, without them even realising it!

We always look forward to our sessions with coaches Lee and Julie each summer term. It is an absolute treat to work with Fishing for Schools and one that everyone enjoys come rain or shine!

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