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Inspiring the people who inspire us

One of our longest and committed supporters, Mr Youngman, joined us at Hadlow’s Grove Fishery last week, to be instructed and immersed into the world of coarse fishing by the students from Stone Lodge School in Dartford.

What a spectacular day it was. To have the confidence to create a scenario where the students become the tutors demonstrates the worth of Fishing for Schools and how, all too often, we do not give young people the respect or credit that they richly deserve.

Timothy tried all aspects of the sport at the fishery but demonstrated a very quick grasp of pole fishing in the margins catching a succession of silver fish – crowned by a magnificent common carp.

Much credit also should go to the magnificent Kent Fishing for Schools team of Warren White, David Evans, Bob Goble and Steve Scrivener, for proving that we really do have the “best of the best”!

Our work with young people would be impossible without the support of our donors, be they individuals, trusts and foundations or corporate support. Our sessions with the young people at Stone Lodge has been made possible through the support of the team at The Tackle Box, and they are pivotal to our efforts to introduce young anglers into the sport.

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