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'I didn't realise just how much lived in the river'

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Stawley school pupils loved taking part in Fishing for Schools during the summer term. A total of 28 pupils took part during June and July, culminating in a fishing trip on the final session.

Led by Fishing for Schools coaches Julie Wicks and Lee Hooper, children carried out fieldwork and observed different habitats and the creatures that live in them. This tied in with work in the classroom, in science on evolution and inheritance, with children able to see first-hand how animals have adapted to their environments.

The team at Stawley tell us:

“The Fishing for Schools programme was excellent as it was one of the first projects we have undertaken since the schools reopened again and it certainly helped with children's learning and well-being.

"Lee and Julie were just great and their enthusiasm rubbed off onto the children. All the work the children did they loved, culminating in an amazing fishing trip where the kids caught nearly 300 fish!”

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