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How Fishing for Schools changes lives

One of the young students who we have supported through Fishing for Schools is *Harry. Harry was in danger of being permanently excluded from school and known to be on the fringe of criminal gangs. Through his association with Fishing for Schools, this has changed.

*John, Extra Curricular Co-ordinator at Harry’s school, suggested he participate in Fishing for Schools, believing that this activity would have a positive impact on Harry.

“I have seen our students get so much out of Fishing for Schools; their confidence grows during the programme and it helps students who have difficulty engaging with school or lessons.”

Fishing for Schools has resulted in a complete change of direction for Harry, both inside and outside of school. He has since attended mentoring within school, something he had outright refused to do before. He has disengaged himself from criminal influences and has improved his grades at school.

Our impact on young lives

Fishing for Schools has proven to be invaluable for young people struggling in the school environment. These are just a few comments in their words:

"I feel like I can learn when I am fishing as it keeps me calm."

" I would like to do this again as it is the first time in my life that I have achieved anything."

"I like all the coaches at Fishing for Schools, they make me feel like I really matter."

" I can't wait for Fishing for Schools to start again as I could do it every day. I think it is really important to people like me. It keeps me out of trouble.”

Fishing for Schools is delivered through the school network and we work with school staff to identify young people who would benefit from the opportunity to participate. Young people are invited to take part for a variety of reasons: disengagement in the classroom, anti-social behaviour and a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Some of the young people we work with are anxious about school and struggle to learn in the classroom.

"These students really struggle at school and their family lives can be traumatic. The pupils have low confidence to begin with, but it is fantastic to see the transformation by the end of the course.” - Fishing for Schools coach

How Fishing for Schools makes a difference

We help young people re-engage at school

Many of the young people we support experience and have to endure circumstances that impact on their lives, and often demotivate their learning and engagement at school.

Often these young people will have difficult personal stories and a less than perfect home life.

We work with teachers and support staff to offer young people the opportunity to re-engage and to enjoy learning. Our programme has given pupils something positive to talk about at school to staff and peers, building positive relationships within the school environment.

We enable children who struggle at school to feel successful

Many of the young people we work with are anxious about school and struggle to learn in the classroom. Fishing for Schools helps break down the barriers to learning and encourages children to grow in confidence. Young people as a result, gain a sense of success and self-worth through achieving in a new activity. Children learn to fish and a wealth of lifelong skills, including teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

Students discover that learning can happen beyond the classroom and a self-belief that they can learn.

We offer a respite from day-to-day challenges

Fishing offers the opportunity to de-stress, stay fit and enjoy nature. It offers a respite from day-to-day challenges and a chance for quiet reflection. Fishing for Schools offers a calm environment and the wellbeing benefits of the countryside. We offer an opportunity for young people to step away from their technology driven world, to experience a new activity and to add to their life experiences and outlook on the wider world.

Help us reach more young people

There are more young people like Harry who need our help. We rely on your support now, as we have so much in the past. Please donate now to help Fishing for Schools reach more young people.

* not their real names to protect their identities

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