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Fundraiser raises over £450 in aid of Fishing for Schools

An update on the 'Three Fly Cast' competition held on Saturday 1 October, from Fishing for Schools Coach, Richard Winser.

A great competition today; the majority caught fish (the largest being 6lb), predominantly on the water surface with a daddy longlegs fly pattern.

Only one competitor caught three fish and went on to qualify for an additional “time bonus”.

The winners were decided by the weight of each fish caught and then the number of points awarded to the respective fly used to catch it. The points system worked as follows:

Our Winners

First Place: Michael Savage, 29 Points

Second Place: John Clark, 24 Points

Third Place: Richard Cranwell,19 Points

Thank you to to Sean Lee, owner and manager of Summerfield's Trout Fishery, for hosting the event and to all those taking part on the day.

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