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Fishing for Schools visit Meon Springs with Purbrook Park School

Fishing for Schools visited Meon Springs in Hampshire last month to deliver the final session of the year to students from Purbrook Park School.

Over four sessions pupils learnt a wealth of new topics and skills including fish habitat and behaviour, fish biology and cooking, culminating in a day’s fly fishing at Meon Springs.

Martyn Rafferty, Alternative Provision Co-ordinator at Purbrook Park School explains the impact of the programme back at school:

“The buzz around the school with the pupils leading up to the course is great. The pupils love showing what they have learned, and pupils enjoyed passing on the knowledge from the sessions.

"Fishing for Schools not only teaches the participants about fishing, but installs confidence, maturity and a sense of adventure.

"The students really enjoyed the experience - even when they do not catch a fish. They have learned new skills with the programme like fish ecology and cooking fish. They have also had to be patient, as we found out on Wednesday. The change in weather and silt in the water made the day difficult but the pupils still had a great time.”

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