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Fishing for Schools team up with Cornwallis Academy

An update from Fishing for Schools Coach, Bob Goble, on a recent fishing session with Cornwallis Academy.

The weather was pleasant, with very little wind, which makes a change, especially given the thunderstorms and heavy rain of late.

As usual, the carp were very active to my style of fishing – using a fly rod and usual fly-fishing gear with an imitation dog biscuit that is then cast on the surface – “ground-baited” with a mix of floating dog biscuits, scattered around the area to attract the fish to our fly; a deer hair creation on a size 10 hook.

After some bank side tuition and explaining the finer points of this style of fishing, the student I was coaching, then cast out into a pod of fish and seconds later: “Bang!” … fish on ... and running. Fast and hard.

You could see his face light up with excitement. The fish was pulling strongly but he kept his composure, and after what seemed a long time, the common carp came to the net. Cries of “ Wow”," look at the size of it”.

He went on to catch a further four carp during the session - and one, a lovely mirror on his last cast of the day.

Well done all. Carp included.

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