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Fishing for Schools team up with Charlton Athletic Community Trust

An update from Fishing for Schools Coach Warren White:

Today (2nd September) concluded Fishing for Schools work during the summer break with our mental health and disability groups in the southeast. Two sessions took place with Charlton Athletic Community Trust during August and early September, with 27 participants taking part.

I have been working with Charlton for 14 years, but this year seems better than ever coming out of Covid.

We had a group of people who all had never fished before. All learnt new skills and grew in confidence as the day went on.

The fishing today was excellent, we caught on top and on the bottom using various tactics including pole, pellet waggler and feeder.

The talk at the end of the session was when can we go again.

Thanks to Hadlow College for allowing us to use this special fishery and thanks to Fishing for Schools, who always come good at supporting our mental health and disability programme.

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