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Fishing for Schools returns to the Malling School, Kent

Our Fishing for Schools Kent team are delighted to return to the Malling School, delivering sessions during May and June.

The group travelled to Hadlow College for their second session. Fishing for Schools coach Warren White tells us:

“The two students I was coaching were new to fishing but keen to learn more. I was told that one of the lads was reluctant to touch fish, which was the case early in the session, but after catching a small carp and wanting a picture of it, we were able to coax the lad into holding it. You could see from the smile on the lads face that he had now conquered his fears and was now flying, from then on, he unhooked his own fish and even tried using the disgorger. You could see the confidence oozing.

We are always keen to get the teachers involved in fishing as it’s nice that they can experience what the pupils are doing and support them if needed. One of the teachers hinted that he would like to have a go at catching a carp. I had been feeding in the margins all day, little and often; he baited up a piece of Paste, on the Pole, sat patiently, a few minutes later, his float dipped then went under and before he knew it his elastic was on the run and he was playing a nice carp.

For a first timer, he did brilliantly; stayed calm, let the elastic do the work and was rewarded by a clonking 16lb Carp.

Another convert.”

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