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Fishing for Schools returns to Dorset with Yewstock College

Fishing for Schools returned to Dorset on the 6th and the 11th of May, working with students from Yewstock College and Yewstock School.

Fishing for Schools Coach Rob Doyle explains:

Our first fishing day with Yewstock College proved challenging but equally rewarding with some sunshine to start with a strengthening northeasterly chilling the surface, and unfortunately the participants as well. Even though the session finished a little early everyone caught fish, some around the 5 or 6 pound mark. The pupils proved to be determined, patient and enthusiastic and a credit as always to the College.

Our first day with Yewstock School was warmer than our day with the College but still, there was a powerful gusty wind towards lunchtime. We started the day with fish recognition, safe handling and maggots. So many of the group refused to touch the maggots, but that gradually changed once the group started catching fish. One particular pupil who wouldn't handle maggots ended up putting their own maggots on the hook, and was rewarded with the biggest fish so far, around 7 pounds. Another excellent day and thank you to Julie Wicks for assisting me on both days.

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