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“Fishing for Schools is the best thing we've done all year”

The pandemic presented us - like so many others – with extraordinary circumstances. In spite of this Fishing for Schools travelled to South Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, Somerset and Norfolk, enabling young people to build confidence, learn new skills and discover the joy of fishing.

Over 200 young people have participated this year to date, and we look forward to delivering in Gateshead, Sittingbourne, Shoreham and Sheffield during the Autumn term.

Highlights from the year include

  • Delivering remote sessions in Norfolk – thank you Covid for pushing us to consider alternative ways of delivering during unprecedented times!

  • Joining forces with global giant Shakespeare Fishing

  • Introducing young people at five new schools to Fishing for Schools

  • Welcoming our funders to see our work in action in Kent

  • Continuing our work with mental health and disability groups

  • We have enjoyed both support and promotion through the angling community at large.

Some of the fabulous feedback from the young people and schools taking part in Fishing for Schools this year:

Feedback from schools:

"The students feel valued as this was the first opportunity for an off-site visit in 18 months. It was fantastic to see them work together and as they are a class group, this will really benefit their relationships."

"This programme is invaluable to giving young people that do not always find education easy. It gives them an opportunity to learn and grow in a different environment. It has helped so many young people engage in education and learn new skills."

Feedback from young people:

"Some days I stress about going to school as I am quite shy. Fishing has helped me feel ok about going to school."

“Best thing we've done all year”

"I learnt to always persevere and never give up."

"Thank you for getting me to like being outdoors - even though it rained a lot it was fun and enjoyable."

With the return to schools in September, schools will be able to apply for a place on our 2022 provision from mid-September. Further information can be found on our website: Schools | Fishing For Schools

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