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Fishing for Schools in the time of COVID-19

Fishing for Schools Coach, Warren White

With the closure of schools since the outbreak of COVID-19, Fishing for Schools has suspended activities until it is safe to resume. Our commitment to Fishing for Schools remains as strong as ever during this time and we are working hard behind the scenes so that we are ready to come back in earnest once the outbreak has passed.

Fishing for Schools Coach, Warren White, is working throughout the lockdown to keep in touch with eight Kent schools and three mental health and disability groups in the county. He tells us:

“In an ideal world we would prefer to be fishing with our students but the opportunity has arisen to try and keep in touch via Facetime or Zoom, which is the next best thing.

At the start of the lockdown we arranged for students to start working on our annual Art Competition, to give our students something to do during lockdown. The Art competition is normally held in the Autumn, with judging during our Fishing for Schools inter-Fishing Competition in September. We very much hope the Art Competition will go ahead this year, even if students submit their entries by photo or online.

As the lockdown progressed, we have set up a fishing hub on school websites, via their ‘Home Learning’ page. This has not been easy as each school is different; we tried this out with one school where we deliver an ongoing BTEC Fisheries course, establishing a fishing hub that sits along Maths and English and is accessible to the students for home learning.

The Pandemic has allowed me to work with two former Fishing for Schools students who are now at college; via FaceTime we’ve been able to get them to work up the ladder of the Angling Trust Cast Awards. They are both struggling with being at home through the lockdown. It is been great to see our former students keep in touch”.

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