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Fishing for Schools delivers at Rowhill School

Our Fishing for Schools Kent team braved the weather to deliver the first of two ‘taster’ sessions for pupils at Rowhill School on Tuesday (4 May). Fishing for Schools coach Warren White explains:

Quite an important day, today, for the lads at Rowhill school, Longfield.

After the Covid lockdowns that have happened over the past year, causing disruption to schools, the normal intake for the BTEC Fisheries course commencing in September looked like being in trouble, as we had no new anglers coming through. .

Huge credit to the school for funding and putting on two taster days, one starting today and another on Friday, both at Grove Farm, Hadlow.

When the six keen lads arrived at the fishery this morning, I must admit I thought I should of cancelled the event; the wind was gale force and blowing hard on to the bank we were fishing.

And boy was it blowing, if you didn't fasten everything down it just blew away. A few maggot and pellet boxes blew over, not that the geese complained.

But all through this we had some really keen lads that fished right through the session and then asked if they could come on the second Taster day on Friday.

I think the way things have been of late, young people are desperate to get out in the outdoor environment, and I am only glad that I am out there with them.

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