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First Fishing for Schools session with Stone Lodge School is huge success

Kent Coach, Warren, talks through the first of four Fishing for Schools sessions with students at Stone Lodge School, Dartford.

How did the first session go?

We had a really good first session. The aim of our sessions with Stone Lodge is to deliver the Cast level 1 award. Topics covered include health and safety and the countryside code, mixed with the basic practical skills of fishing.

Since the school has so many students wanting to fish, we decided for the four allocated sessions to be split amongst two groups of six students, 12 in total, with each group getting two sessions. Although the venue, Grove Farm at Hadlow, does have some big fish, the focus for the first session was to start fishing for silver fish, roach , perch and gudgeon, so that the students get used to fishing then in the afternoon try for bigger fish.

The group, made up of mainly novice anglers, showed excellent focus and concentration throughout the session and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

What was taught?

Topics covered included the countryside code, health and safety and fish safety, setting up a whip, whip fishing, casting, bite detection, casting, striking, playing, unhooking and handling fish, putting on maggots and using a disgorger.

Did the group work well together?

The group worked really-well together, supporting each over along the way. They were an excellent group to work with. It was clear to see that the group got a lot out of the day, learnt plenty of new skills, and had lots of fun.

What will be the focus moving forward?

At the next session at Hadlow College, as we are working towards the Cast level one award, we will review what we have learnt in the classroom, then build on their angling skills and techniques.

Huge thanks to The Tackle Box for supporting our work with Stone Lodge School.

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