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Directors Update for December

The body is an amazing thing. We ask it to do amazing things, we also ask it to do rather silly things, too.

I happen to do the latter rather more than the 68 years on this planet should seriously allow for – or reasonably expect. Why?

Well, I asked myself that same thing as, Buzz Lightyear’esque, I defied gravity three miles into my Wimbleball Reservoir Challenge and landed badly (without style) then, rather belligerently and stubbornly, continued for the next 5 miles to the finish and compete my Giving Tuesday challenge. But why?

Well, Giving Tuesday – and your ever-present generosity - will allow us to fund something like five, possibly more, schools. That is a further 60 students offered an opportunity to engage with Angling, the natural world, conservation, education, possible routes out of gangs and various anti-social activities, be dis-persuaded away from truancy and in some cases enter further higher-education. Furthermore, these students will be offered a sport to last a lifetime.

You have done this.

Ok, I might have stumbled around Exmoor for a few hours (going “ouch” occasionally) but YOU have given us the impetus to drive the initiative ever forwards.

All of you are the heroes in this. We are just the vessels of that generosity. Not once are our supporters taken for granted, not for a moment.

But of course, whilst you see words of thanks coming from me and all the other updates, behind me is the real Fishing for Schools engine-room. The people that make the initiative work.

The coaches: they are great anglers and more than that, they are great humanitarians. People who care deeply about the students and young people they work with. We will be bringing you a profile each month of the individuals who make up the very best team in the country.

We have our amazing collection of Ambassadors, again I shall be bringing these to the fore in the New Year with their in-depth profiles.

Behind the scenes we have a committed team of individuals helping us with our social media and online presence and providing vital admin and office support. They all “get’ Fishing for Schools and love being part of the Fishing for School family.

So, you see, we are a family – a big one. With one desire, that Fishing for Schools prospers grows and becomes ever more prominent in young peoples lives.

And you are part our family, too.

Have a very blessed Christmas, the happiest of New Year’s, and again, thank you for everything.


Director of Fishing for Schools

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