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Coach Spotlight: Robert (likes to be called Bob) Goble.

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Bob has fished since a young lad: and like many of us, it all started with his father. A font of knowledge in all things country and similar Bob recalls to Jack Hargreaves ( you can look him up on Youtube).

Bob grew up in Chatham Kent, lived in Gibraltar for several years and spent the early years just learning how to fish,eventually returning to Pembrokeshire in Wales - and loving every moment of it, eventually returning to Kent.

Fishing, school and then working in the printing industry, but finally decided to help others through fishing - embracing both, coarse, sea and and his speciality, game fishing

Bob’s passion for learning about every part of the sport lead him to competitions were he honed skills to win a number of tournaments. But as time drifted on, Teaching become the primary focus.

“I wanted to teach and give back” suggests Bob .

“So as time has gone on on and the older one gets, I just wanted to teach; obtaining my certification through the Game Anglers Instructors Association (GAIA), was my boost and I have never looked back. I have taught countless people: young and old. Then a few years ago Charles Jardine asked me to join him and to teach in schools - my involvement with Fishing 4 Schools was about to take off. And has!”

It should be added that Bob is the resident Coach and Instructor at Bewl and has a very healthy coaching business but is more than happy to “roll-up” his coaching sleeves and drive the hugely successful Fishing for Schools Ken initiative.

In closing, Bob’s comment strikes at the core of what our FfS coaches embrace:

“I am passionate angler who just wants to pass on what knowledge to our younger generation I can; after all, they are the next generation of anglers.”

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