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Children's Mental Health Week 2023 with Place2Be

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week (6-12 February). Organised by the charity, Place2Be, the week aims to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Connect.’

Since Place2Be was founded in 1994, they have grown into a national charity and now offer services to over 500 schools across the UK. This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Connect' and centres on making meaningful connections.

Fishing is one of the many activities that we can do to support our mental health and wellbeing.

It offers an opportunity to connect with nature as well as those around you, to take a step away from our busy everyday lives and to be physically active and mentally present.

At Fishing for Schools, we hear first-hand the impact of fishing on the health and wellbeing on the young people taking part:

“I like everything about fishing, especially the wildlife and the calmness”

“When you're in the fishing group that term you know you can end a week with some peace and quiet and it's something calm to look forward to at the end of a busy week at school.”

“I liked how quiet it was, everyone was calm.”

“F4S provides our student with a sense of pride, confidence learning a new skill and the opportunity for some quiet time with their friends in a different setting”

To find out more about Children’s mental health week, click here.

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